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Game Description

Play as CCTV Detective Lopez as he solves crimes through the ever-faithful lens of a security camera. The crime rate in the small City of ChurchView is rising, and it is up to Lopez to lower it.

Head to the crime scenes to find cameras and clues in the area that may help solve the crimes, then it's back to the office to crawl through the footage until you've found your culprit.

While gameplay is predominantly set in front of Detective Lopez’s computer, where you can find his emails, the C.A.M.E.O Software (Camera Application for Monitoring Evaluation and Observation), video games and a working internet browser and webcam, the rest of the game puts you on foot at the crime scenes where you must search for cameras and clues that can be used in the investigation.

In the fictional city of ChurchView, locations include gas stations, car parks, stores and motels, while crimes can include Robbery, Arson, Hold Ups and even Murder - Can you solve them all?

Game Fact Sheet

GAME - CAMEO: CCTV Detective



PLAYERS - 1 Player


RELEASE DATE - May 29th 2020

Developer Fact Sheet



TEAM - Orion Moon

PREVIOUS RELEASES - GiAnt - Alaska Museum Volume I & 2


SOCIAL - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Twitch


     Wreck Tangle Games consists of one man, Orion Moon, who has a back story filled with music composition, song writing, graphic design, film and fictional writing. It wasn't until 2014 when Orion discovered a means of combining all the skills he had learnt over his lifespan, so far, into one creative output, Game Development.


     Orion studied game development for two years before releasing any material, in this time he grew very passionate about his new found path, studying every day to attempt to perfect this craft. After sampling all indie available Game Engines, Orion grew attached to the ins and outs of a chosen one, Unity. Once Orion was comfortable with what he had learnt, in 2016, he released Wreck Tangle Games's first game, "GiAnt", an Ant Simulator. Although not a hit, this did not stutter Orion's passion for game development in the slightest and has since released 'Alaska', a First-Person Thriller game involving a nasty string of murders happening in a small Alaskan town, and a 2-Part Puzzle Saga called 'Museum'.

     Orion and Wreck Tangle Games are currently working on a new game 'CAMEO: CCTV Detective'.

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