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Let me introduce myself...

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

How do you start a brand new blog off?... Well, by an introduction of course!

So hey, some of you may know of me, my name is Orion Moon and I am indie developer. A solo indie developer in fact, of Wreck Tangle Games. You may have played some of the games I have developed, like the badly received ant simulator 'GiAnt', an idea that was well thought out, but being my first project I sadly did not have the skill set, at that point, to deliver the product. This ended in bad publicity and limited sales. Great! Or 'Alaska', the first person thriller, a game that pushed me in all directions to become a better developer. For this game I had to... You know what, I'll save that for another post, but I can say, 'Alaska' may have not outdone itself in sales, but I was able to deliver the exact product that I wanted to, and hey, the story line is still shocking players today!

Why start a blog now?!

I want to be a bit more transparent with you all. I think indie developers don't get enough credit for the amount of hours that they put into developing a game, especially the solo developers. I want to show people what we have to go through, week in and week out, to develop a game. From writing code, making the music, hiring the actors, writing the scripts, creating textures, pushing the marketing and building a brand. Game development is no easy path of life, but we love it, so we push through.

I'm writing this blog so you can join me on my adventures through game development. The highs and the lows. Through written blogs, photos and vlogs, you'll be able to see the true lives of a game developer.

I'm glad to have you aboard for the ride...

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