At Wreck Tangle Media we have decades of experience in the Music Industry.

From recording, mastering, publishing, promoting, and gigging, our combined knowledge is hefty.

After years of keeping our artists in house, we have decided to use our experiences to help others.

We are now opening our doors to you!

Want to join Wreck Tangle Media? Here's how we can help..


We will publish your album to the biggest and best stores and streaming services on the internet!

Artist page

Don't have a website, no worries, we will create you an artist/band portfolio page right here on Wreck Tangle Media


Need help with Album Artwork, branding, or editing photos. We can help!


With our decades worth of knowledge we can give you guidance where you need it!

We hear you asking! What is the cost to you?!

We will provide all of the above for Free, and only take 25% of the revenue you make from the stores we publish on!

Still interested?

Contact us using the contact form below or contact using the following email address: