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Game Description

Quintus and the Absent Truth is a Horror-Adventure game featuring a Man and his Mouse. A story-rich game with a unique art style, fun puzzles and an adorable little companion, your new best friend, Quintus.


A Single-Player experience with a First-Person viewpoint, and puzzles that consist of working out how you can best utilize your little rodent friend. Quintus can fit in small spaces helping you reach items, areas, or buttons that your own hands can't reach.


Join our main protagonist Alan Shaw and his little companion Quintus, as they try to find Alan’s missing Daughter and attempt to discover the Absent Truth.

Game Fact Sheet

GAME - Quintus and the Absent Truth

DEVELOPER - Wreck Tangle Games

GENRE - Horror Adventure

PLAYERS - 1 Player


RELEASE DATE - May 21st 2021

Developer Fact Sheet

DEVELOPER - Wreck Tangle Games


TEAM - Orion Moon

PREVIOUS RELEASES - GiAnt - Alaska Museum Volume I & 2 - CAMEO: CCTV Detective


SOCIAL - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Twitch


     Wreck Tangle Games consists of one man, Orion Moon, who has a back story filled with music composition, song writing, graphic design, film and fictional writing. It wasn't until 2014 when Orion discovered a means of combining all these skills into one creative output, Game Development.


     Orion studied game development for two years before releasing any material, in this time he grew very passionate about his new found path, studying every day to attempt to perfect this craft. After sampling all indie available Game Engines, Orion grew attached to the ins and outs of a chosen one, Unity. Once Orion was comfortable with what he had learnt, in 2016, he released Wreck Tangle Games's first game, "GiAnt", an Ant Simulator. Although not a hit, this did not stutter Orion's passion for game development in the slightest and has since released 'Alaska', a First-Person Thriller game involving a nasty string of murders happening in a small Alaskan town, a 2-Part Puzzle Saga called 'Museum' and a Detective Game titled 'CAMEO: CCTV Detective'.

Game Trailer

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